Here’s a Whole New Way to Get and Stay Healthy!

One that will flip what you know upside down –

And put you on the path to healing, not just patching over problems

Across the fruited plain–around the world, in fact–people drag through life wondering why they’re so darned tired all the time.

And what caused their brains to become so uncooperative? Ideas flit through, but don’t land long enough to jot them down. Learning something new takes more effort. And remembering names? Yeah, right.

Then there’s the fire in the belly that has nothing to do with ambition, just pain.

Fact is, most of us have health problems that aren’t getting fixed.

Sometimes we’re told “You’re fine!” but we know for sure that “fine” doesn’t feel the way we feel.

And even if we get a diagnosis, the treatment aims to quiet our symptoms, not fix the problem.

And when one diagnosis doesn’t work, we get a different one and start in all over again.

We wonder if we’ll ever feel good again and decide that’s probably not going to happen.

We need to talk about this because life doesn’t have to be this way.

Here’s what a South Carolina reader says:
“God sent me to you and through all your research and hard work I have found healing from many years of suffering. I knew I wasn’t depressed, “crazy” or truly debilitated –and I knew there was a root cause to my issues; you helped me find that cause.”
- Allison Rooke

Doctors’ Hands Are Tied

Doctors are hemmed in by rules and regulations.

• Insurance companies tell them what tests they can run–and which are ‘medically unnecessary.’ Doctors need the answers, but they end up in a world of hurt if they persist in ordering the tests. So they’re effectively blindfolded.

• ‘Standard of care’ sounds comforting: No matter what health issue attacks you, there’s a standard to insure excellent care. Well, no. Standard of care, a creaton of insurance and pharmaceutical companies, is about protecting doctors from malpractice claims. A ‘medically necessary’ test or so, a prescription or two and Voila! no liability, regardless of the outcome.

• State Medical Boards are chock-a-block full of insurance and pharmaceutical company people. Doctors who don’t do what the board says can lose their medical license. Fight the loss–and they watch their money and reputation disappear.

• Then there’s that fifteen-minute-office-visit business. That’s barely enough time for you and your doctor to hit the highlights, and we all know the devil’s in the detail–especially with anything as complicated as the human body.

Here’s a note of triumph from Florida
I had Rheumatoid Arthritis, scoliosis, memory problems, nerve troubles, and menopausal symptoms that let me get only about 4 hours of sleep at night. I walked with a walker. I was at the end of my rope.

Bette, you have given me a new lease on life. When I began the MTH program, I was overwhelmed. I had problems concentrating, but the pain in my body gave me the incentive to press on. So I began reading over and over until I could comprehend enough to get me started. I had to unlearn all the things that I had been taught about healthy eating and exercising.

A year and a half later, I am on a full vitamin and mineral regimen. I did what you said and listened to my body (and still do). I can dance again, even jog some.

I got my memory back, and I was able to get my insurance agent’s license.

I can’t say enough about your program. It changed my life forever. Thank you, again and again.

- Barbara Roman

And Medical Poobahs Mislead Us

Medicine says it provides “evidence-based” medicine. Truth is, solid science backs up less than 1/3 of what medicine does. So it’s mostly tradition, guesswork or good ways to bring in money.

Did you know, for instance, that immunizations have no science behind them? Yes, you can find all sorts of reports about the wonders of immunizations, but science not only doesn’t support them, it contradicts them.

Or that five consecutive years of getting your annual flu shot doubles your risk of dementia?

That cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease, and that statins “work” by preventing the liver from doing what it was born to do?

And that osteoporosis drugs make your bones brittle and easier to break?

Doctors treat symptoms, not causes. For example, doctors treat diabetes by trying to lower blood sugar levels. But your blood sugar is a symptom, not a cause. The problem is a pancreas that can’t get with the program. The solution is to find out why and fix it. Especially since artificially lowering blood sugar levels isn’t even close to the best idea anybody ever had.

And sometimes it’s about agenda. The cause of heart disease–inflammation–is well known, but the fix is about diet and supplements, not prescriptions, and that will never do as far as medicine is concerned.

Diet and nutritional supplements can fix endometriosis, too, but doctors only offer surgery–again and again. And they don’t even mention the vitamin that protects your brain from the anesthesia, either.

And here’s good news from Canada!
“I’ve made leaps and bounds in my health. I have a severely handicapped adult son, both mentally and physically, who really needs his mom to be healthy. This program has given me the first hope of being ‘normal’ again! I will never be able to repay you for what your hard work and research have done to help me. My whole family, and all of my doctors, are amazed at the improvements. Thank you, so much, from the bottom of my heart! Joyce :)”
- Joyce Mabee, New Brunswick

And We Don’t Hear All We Need to Hear, Either

Doctors don’t mention the value of nutrition; they’re not allowed to.

But nutrition is huge! It’s how we give our bodies what they need. Nutritional deficiencies cause most (probably all) diseases. And since that’s the case, making sure your body gets what it needs can make you all but bullet-proof to disease.

And avoid things like digestive problems, asthma, COPD, arrhythmia, interstitial cystitis, heart disease, all the autoimmune diseases, and on, and on.

Doctors don’t tell us about the toxins we need to avoid–or what we can do to counter the toxins we can’t avoid.

We need to know our enemies as well as our friends, and make sure our friends win their battle. All of which is covered in Moving to Health.

“I’m so tickled because I got more accomplished today than in quite a while. Take care, and thanks for sharing your many, many years of research.”
- Barbara Shakespeare

We Have to Get Involved in Our Own Health Care

Let’s face it. We’re the ones with the most “skin in the game.” If we want to live long and prosper, we have to assume responsibility for our health; we can’t leave it up to doctors. As highly trained and well-meaning as they are, they have too many restrictions on what they can do and how much time they have to do it.

Doctors need us.

Well, now, see, that brings up a little problem. We don’t really know how our bodies work, how to spot when they’re not working or what to do about it. Well, actually, that’s a huge problem, but not one we can’t overcome.

Yes, there’s much to learn, but we get help in figuring things out. From our bodies, of all places.

Symptoms are the way our bodies talk to us. Learning to speak the language of symptoms takes us a long way toward home.

As it happens, understanding symptoms is a big part of Moving to Health.

And the news from Florida is good, too!
“At our last visit, I told the cardio that I gave my husband [the supplement discussed in your Moving to Health program] because of a foul smelling urine that he usually gets when he has a urinary tract infection. Cleared right up. That day the doc had an intern there, and both were impressed. This doctor has been treating my husband for many years and was happy with his blood work and with our success in controlling Atrial Fibrillation and many other little things since I started your program “
- Gratefully, Agnes

Your Symptoms Are Yelling to Be Heard

• If you have bald patches on your legs, it’s not because your pants rubbed the hair off. Fix that symptom, and you’ll fix a lot.

• Anybody who lost their once ever-present sense of humor can probably find it again with one particular vitamin.

• Itchy ears indicate one problem, an itchy back another and an itchy rectum yet another.

• A constantly swollen tongue is probably just one common vitamin away from normal.

• Pain at the base of your thumbs announces a digestive problem.

• Cysts, anywhere, are shouting, “mineral deficiency, mineral deficiency.” But it’s a specific mineral that fixes cysts.

• And your fingernails are an encyclopedia of clues.

And here’s a word from British Columbia:
“Just wanted to let you know I am blown away by this course. I, as well as my family, was apprehensive, as we read scads of health info that leads to nowhere you might say. However, this is different. And I love your sense of humour. Thank you–take care.”
- Dianne Dawson

And You May Be Making Things Worse Every Day

• Following the government’s food pyramid invites disaster.

• Canned foods bring bad news; not necessarily the food, but the can.

• One common food additive makes for big time weight gain. And cancer really slurps it up, too.

• One food can cause kidney stones and grow breasts on men. And it’s everywhere, in just about everything.

• Most bread sold today can deactivate your thyroid hormone–but in a way that tests can’t catch.

• Some widely used food additives cause brain damage. And chances are they’re a routine part of your diet. Yikes!

• Vegetable oils are killers. They work slowly, but they sure get the job done.

We need to unlearn a lot of what we’ve been told.

Here’s what a California reader had to say:
“I fell for the high cholesterol worry & my doc put me on a statin w/o explaining the dangerous side effects. I just trusted. My liver freaked out, and I ended up in the ER.”
- Liz Gepheart

Enough Problems, Bette! I Need Solutions!

Let me help you fight back. There’s a lot you can do to avoid disease–and not just the biggies, but even colds and the flu. That’s why I created Moving to Health.

A lot of what we’ve been taught about diet, exercise, the causes of disease and how to stay healthy is wrong. Much of what doctors have been taught is wrong. And most of the health information we read in magazines and hear on TV is wrong.

Now it’s time to learn the real story as found in solid research.

Lisa from Down Under adds:
“Thank you. I am up to week 13. I am not where I need to be yet! But I’m not where I used to be !!!! Thank God. I order from your recommendations, and I have to say, I cannot believe the prices compared to Australia. Even including international postage, it’s way cheaper than here! Downside is, I wait 4-6 weeks for them to arrive.”
- Lisa Cathro

Why Would You Listen To Me?

A month before my first birthday, a drunk driver hit my parents’ car. My infant head hit the door panel, face-first, at highway speed, and I suffered a concussion. My pituitary gland, king of the body’s universe, was damaged. So, the “king” is out of commission, and things are running amok, but doctors said I was fine.

For years. My poor mother dragged me from doctor to doctor to doctor, but I was always “fine.”

Doctors continued to say I was fine as my energy and health slipped away.

One doctor announced my 70/40 blood pressure was caused by my desire to get married.

Another doctor said my severe hypoglycemia came from being a preacher’s kid. How? No answer.

Yet another doctor (I kept looking) said my temperature, which ran between 94 and 95 degrees, was normal. Well, no.

My unreliable brain earned me some brain scans, but no solution. My balding head wasn’t important. Shingles were just a part of life. Raynaud’s Syndrome just happened sometimes. And so it went.

Finally, in my twenties, I crashed and burned. And at long last found an amazing doctor who took me seriously. After extensive testing, this internationally-recognized diagnostician put a name to my problem: panhypopituitarism. Major problem. Impacts all of health. No known cure.

Then I moved across the country and ended up with “you’re fine” doctors once again.

And I realized it was up to me. My research started.

It took many years and a lot of effort, but I got my life back. I reversed my so-called permanent brain damage caused by the concussion and got my other body parts marching to the same beat. Now I help others move to health.

And here’s a word from Sweden:
“I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU!!! I sit here and write to you, and as my tears roll on my cheeks, for the first time I feel HOPE! Thank you!!!”
- Britt Zachrison

Let Me Share What I Know With You

Moving To Health teaches you the language of symptoms and explains how your body works–what blesses your body and what does it dirt. Things you absolutely, positively must know to be healthy.

This year-long program starts with a discussion of your endocrine system. Now, you may think that has nothing to do with your health problems. Maybe the doctor even told you it didn’t.

But, in fact, you can’t have health problems without the endocrine system being involved. Tests or no tests, treatment or no treatment, sickness points to a endocrine system in trouble.

And why is this important? A whacked out thyroid beats up on your liver, makes your digestive system sensitive to more and more foods, puts your gall bladder into the sludge-making business, throws all your hormones for a loop, ramps up your cholesterol, gives your brain the hiccups, drags down your energy, leads to heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and on, and on, and on. Kinda sounds like we might want to at least consider the thyroid, don’t you think?

The endocrine system is the wheel in the middle of the wheel as far as your health is concerned–the hub for everything.

So I start at the beginning, with things endocrine. Then move on to other body parts and their maladies.

And here’s a note from Michigan:
“I am amazed at how much you know from your own personal experience, not just because you read a book. You give the best practical information; it may even result in an “Aha! So that’s what’s wrong that my doctor didn’t know.” Thank you for your hard work!”
- Glenn Gordon

You Know the Secret Key to Everything

What’s your secret knowledge? You are the only person in the world that knows–sometimes all too well–your symptoms. If something helps you, you know. If something makes life worse, you know that, too.

So I tell you what symptoms mean.

And I tell you about the nutrition your body needs–foods, vitamins, minerals, super foods, adaptogens, herbs, amino acids, etc. The food facts alone will blow you away.

I give the ins, the outs, the ups and the downs about nutrition. I don’t just throw out names. When I talk about, say, a vitamin or an amino acid, I tell the whole story so you have a factual basis for decisions.

Then–and this is huge–once you match up your symptoms with the problem, I give you a direct links to specific nutritional products that can meet the need–from a quality company, in the right form, at a great price. No more wandering up and down aisles or searching all over the internet trying to figure out what might work. To avoid bias, I get no money for these recommendations; they’re all about helping you.

Besides nutrition, you’ll also get information about the health enemies all around us. We’re under attack every day, and I’ll give you the ammunition to fight back.

You can take action each step of the way, moving to health as you go.

And you end up with solutions customized specifically to you, based on what your body needs.

“Bette – I love you for your intelligence, honesty, wit and desire to care about others!!! Bless you, Carol”
- Carol La Rosa, New York

Unless you feel so terrific you can hardly stand it, you owe it to yourself to join Moving to Health and start doing just that–moving to health. Feeling energetic. Looking forward to the future. Remember that?

You get my 30+ years of research–backed by actual experience.

And at the end of the program, Moving to Health becomes your reference material about a huge range of health issues–information about how to improve your health and avoid sickness.

You’ll be prepared to deal with future challenges.

And you get this entire program that improves your health and restores your energy for only $77. a month for twelve months. Your health is worth a whole lot more than that.

I mean, what price do you put on having more energy? Increasing your defenses against cancer and other disasters? Keeping your brain healthy? And on. And on. And on.

And I’m not talking about signing up for a lifetime. Just for a year. And you can unsubscribe anytime.

Moving to Health is an investment with a huge return: Good health.

“Thank you for writing that brilliant book, Pep for the Pooped [part of the Moving to Health program]. It’s the best info I have found making me able to do something for myself. Love to be told what to take and when. Really see some changes. Fantastic. I’m very grateful that you share all you know.”
- Hilde Rastad, Norway

Join Moving to Health Today

Medicine continues down a very slippery slope. Unless you learn what you can do to help yourself, you’ll end up wondering what hit you. And who needs bad surprises like that?

Sign up today and start getting the knowledge you need to claim your right to better health. Our bodies are amazing self-healing machines if we know how to give them what they need.

Knowledge is power.

Your Sign-up Choices

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2. You never get billed again. But everything else remains the same–weekly reminder e-mails, 24/7 access to the program, continued availability of all the Moving to Health information including updates, etc.

A subscriber from Arizona says:
“You do a wonderful job! I’ve actually lost weight. I stay fuller and feel satisfied. I can’t imagine ever going back.”
- Ellen Hatch

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Don’t put this decision off! If your health is dragging, so’s your life.

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“Hi Bette, every time someone asks me a question about nutrition I turn to your book. Not only do you share great information, you also do it in such a fun-to-read manner. You are my “go to girl” for answers about vitamins and minerals for pain relief. Thank you so much!”
Kathryn Merrow, The Pain Relief Coach,

Thank you for your time and consideration.

God is good,
Bette Dowdell

(“Bette” has two syllables; “Dowdell” rhymes with cowbell)

Typical Moving To Health Topics

In case you’re wondering, Moving to Health covers these topics (and more):
• The endocrine system, which controls all of health
• Digestion problems, including leaky gut and other miseries
• The estrogen dominance disaster
• Taming inflammation, a huge cause of disease
• Putting the brakes on aging
• Protecting our brains
• Weight loss
• The swinging of moods
• Natural heart care
• Achieving good energy levels
• Preventing cancer
• Dealing with candida
• Things you can do for autism
• What they don’t tell us about diabetes
• A look at gall bladder problems
• Skin care
• Vision concerns
• Sleep
• Liver problems. Kidneys. Gall bladder. Etc.
• Autoimmune problems: when your body fights itself
• Outside problems that whack our health
• Good foods vs bad foods
• Tinnitus, gout, anxiety, interstitial cystitis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, etc.

“That is sooooo true. People really have to take charge of themselves around these doctors. Listen to your body and be the boss.”
- Anne Cotta